For Qualified home owners who are new clients. Requires 36 month monitoring agreement. We carry a huge array of products from a list of highly known manufacturers. We install and sell products from many suppliers because we choose the right of the finest. Camel provides services that aid keep your home, business and family safe and secure.

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In a world where threats to our safety are occurring regularly, we must always be prepared. Protecting yourself, your loved ones, or your business is a primary concern shared by millions across the United States. We understand your concerns and we're here to help. Camel Technologies, LLC has been a strong competitor in the security industry for over 25 years. Locally owned and operated, we provide solutions to families and businesses in Kanawha Valley and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on providing superior service to each of our customers to ensure that they not only feel protected, but also comfortable with the products they have purchased.

Unauthorized entry to your home is a major concern. Allow us to conduct a vulnerability study, or a security audit, on the current system used to secure your home. This study will reveal any standing threats to your safety and provide a basis for our professional staff to construct a unique security system that best serves your safety needs. We're dedicated to providing the ultimate protection that will save you time, money, and relieve you of a stressful concern. We will install, repair, and conduct routine maintenance on any security system.

At Camel, our locksmith services are nearly unlimited and are a big part of our company. We sell, install, and repair a vast array of locks. We can make duplicates of the keys as well. We provide services to unlock vehicles and buildings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We live up to our motto here at Camel and we go the extra mile.

One of the most effective ways to prevent unauthorized visitors to your home is to utilize Access Control Systems to secure boundaries to sensitive areas. Using one of our systems allows you to monitor who enters or leaves your building, as well as well as receiving alerts if someone attempts to enter a restricted area that they do not have access to.

Ever since the infamous tragedy that occurred on September 11th, 2001, security has become a primary concern for all families and businesses across the nation. We are fortunate enough to not have security concerns as our first thought every morning, but we find comfort in our reliance on it to protect ourselves, our children, and our belongings. Camel Technologies, LLC stands to be the ultimate provider of all security solutions for your home or business, from basic home requirements to multi-facility networked systems.

We, at Camel Technologies, install alarm systems in commercial establishments that provide the best protection from harm for your employees and property. No challenge is too large, small, or sophisticated for our team of professionals and we are always prepared to help our customers ready themselves with the necessary tools for safety. Fire alarms are triggered by smoke detectors and heat sensors. These different detection devices are capable of deciphering smoke by its density and ionization by using infrared LED sensors or ionization chambers.

Our homes are typically considered to be the place where we find the most comfort. At home, we relax and allow for our guard to drop. Just when we're least expecting anything negative to happen is exactly when a threat arises. You might be fast asleep or in a room at the back of the house while an intruder could be working their way into your home. Thanks to the dramatic advancements in modern technology, your family can be protected from these frightening situations. We, at Camel Technologies, install alarm systems in residential and commercial establishments that provide the best protection from harm for your loved ones, employees, and valuable property.

We strive to provide our customers with the best equipment for their safety concerns. Our inventory boasts a wide range of products that we can install and sell from a list of many well-known manufacturers.