When you are looking for a locksmith, you might be surprised to find that there is a lot of specialization involved. Some specialize in homes, with a residential locksmith business. Some prefer to deal with businesses, with a commercial locksmith business. There are also those that work with cars, with an automotive locksmith business. However, if you are like most people in California, you live, work, and drive, meaning you will need to deal with all of these kinds of locksmiths if you really want to make sure your locks and keys are in the best condition. While it may not seem so bad to have three different locksmiths saved in the directory of your phone, having to trust three different locksmiths might be too much. This is why picking the best locksmith Carlsbad can work to your advantage.

We specialize in all three fields, providing an exhaustive list of residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services. You can breathe easy knowing that you only need to trust one name for all the locksmith services you may need, especially when that name has a reputation as great as ours. We take pride in our quality, with our testimonials serving as proof that we deeply care about our customers. We treat each job just as important as any other, and our goals is to make sure our customers do not regret their decision of choosing us. This is why we use the latest technologies in order to maintain the best quality in our work.

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Go Lock and Key does all kinds of locksmith services. Their residential locksmith services offer home lockout solutions. If ever you caught yourself outside your home with no keys in hand, immediately call Locksmith Carlsbad CA. They will allow access inside your home without causing destruction to your property. In case you lose your house keys, they can create a new one for you and they can even duplicate it, so you won't have to deal with the difficulty of finding it again. If your house has experienced break in recently, they can check your locks and they can offer security system to keep the bad guys away. When your house is secured by our locksmith, you can sleep soundly at night and you can leave your house without worries when you go to work.


Another service offered by our company is the commercial locksmith service. Your business corporation is an important asset and it needs to be secure real tight. You can contact our locksmith and we will install high-quality business security protection for your building. We offer CCTV cameras, biometric scanners, deadbolt locks, security alarm, and many more. Thieves will never stand a chance against the security system your business will have. Your business will be free from disturbances and possible thieves. We also specialize in vault and safe installation. It is ideal for important valuable that needs a safe place to store. If you are an avid collector of certain stuff, our company will provide you with top-notch vault system. If ever you forget the combination, we are also capable of decoding them.


For car or vehicle owners, we also offer top-notch vehicle locksmith services. Whether you broke your car key at the ignition or you carelessly lose your key, our skilled set of locksmiths will come to your rescue armed with the right solution. You'll be back on the road in just a few minutes. Our company installs car security systems and alarms too. Car thieves are everywhere making every people doubt the parking spot they choose. You could be out eating in restaurant or buying in a local store and the next thing you knew, your car has been wrecked by unknown offender. To avoid this mishap, our company makes sure that your vehicle has all the appropriate security details and alarms to keep the car breakers in to a halt.

Customer Testimonials

No one ever told me when I started a business that my trade secrets would need protecting. But when one of my employees joined our rival company, I knew I was in for some troubles. This was confirmed when I caught this employee loitering outside the office one day. I knew I had taken her keys, but she could have easily made a duplicate. That's why I had my locks changed right away. I also had a room made installed with a fingerprint scanner for extra protection from any possible problems down the road. Go Lock And Key were able to do all this within the same day I placed my call, and I was amazed at how cheap it was. I will definitely be saving their number.

When you work the night shift like I do, it is difficult to get a locksmith to change the locks in your apartment during regular hours. I am usually getting my much needed sleep during this time, so I thought I'd have to go a day without sleep just to change a few locks. It was such a great thing to know that Go Lock And Key is open 24/7, so I just called them close to midnight, and they sent Rob, one of their experts, in no time. The locks were changed in less than two hours. And the best part? It cost me much less than I was willing to pay. They did not charge a single cent extra for the ungodly hour that I called.