When choosing the right locksmith to call and hire, you should be aware of potential scammers pretending to be legitimate locksmith companies. Past the slogans and promises, look at the company's achievements. Ask their customers. Why are we the one to call? With Glendale AZ Locksmith, you will be receiving

Real 24/7 Service. Other locksmith services may have the same 24/7 emergency assistance as us. Our main difference with them is that we are up and capable for the challenges of dealing with real emergencies. Call (480) 409-0328 now.

Real Convenience. Other locksmith services may tell you that they can respond to your emergency and be in your location within 30 minutes but will arrive late and unprepared. We are located right here in Glendale which makes us nearer and faster.

Real Budget-Friendly Service. We have very affordable residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services because we do not have any concealed charges and very high profit. This is our selfless service to you.

Real Expert Service. No one can deny and question our expertise. We have been in the locksmith industry for a long time, gaining technical experiences and knowledge that we continue to update and enhance. For real expert locksmith service, only trust the locksmith company that has been tried and tested by people of Glendale.

Real Quality Service. Expertise and knowledge can give you quality service. However, supreme expertise and knowledge can give you real top rated quality. We always strive to be the best locksmith service for you.

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  City Glendale, AZ
  Phone Number (480) 409-0328

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Never be too sure of your security, especially in your homes. After all, you do love your family and does not want anything bad to happen to them. It is advisable to take a moment to evaluate your home security from time to time. The problem is that most homeowners think that they are already safe with simple locks. This is the main reason why homes are often the targets of burglars. If you are not sure how secured you really are, we are here and ready to give our expert opinions. Locksmith Glendale is your locksmith expert that really cares for you. We know how important your family's security is to you and we like to think that you are also part of our family too. You can call us at (480) 409-0328and ask us anything you want.

You can also schedule an appointment with our professional locksmiths so we can truly know your situation and suggest the most fitting security system for your homes. If you are hesitating to call us because of budget constraints, do not worry because all of our services are very affordable. You can hire us for routine locksmith works like key duplication, key extraction, opening of safes, re-keying, master keying or for emergency situations like home lockout, broken key and many more. You can always expect high quality, professional, prompt and friendly Glendale Locksmith Services from us because we always aim total satisfaction from you.



Are you looking for a reliable locksmith company that can be your partner in your growing business? A locksmith company that you can call anytime and you are sure to give you only professional and prompt locksmith services? A locksmith company that you can trust with your security and give you peace of mind? Well, today must be your lucky day, because we can provide all of these and so much more. We are the locksmith company that is truly trusted and recommended by business owners in Glendale. We can provide not only professional and prompt services but also high quality at the lowest cost locksmith services. You can call us if you want to re-key your whole building or even just certain areas.

We can help you in setting-up security access to your rooms so only some will be given access to highly restricted areas. We can help you in monitoring who goes in and out of your warehouses. We can even help you duplicate you key and open your cabinet files. We will be here for you for as long as you need our expert help. If any of your locksmith problems will occur during holidays or in the middle of the night that is not a problem with us since we have Emergency Locksmith Assistance. Join our other satisfied and contented business owner customers in being our partners in securing your business.



You turn on your car but your car does not respond unless you press the key fob in closer proximity to your car. What do you do? Do you call your car dealer and wait for them to have a free schedule for you? You are getting ready to go home after a long day in the office then suddenly you realize that you do not have your keys with you. Do you call for tow truck services so you can bring your car to your car dealer's showroom? Do you know that you can also hire an expert locksmith to do these jobs? There are many advantages when you hire us instead of your car dealer.

Low Prices Our Glendale Locksmith Services are guaranteed to have much lower prices than your car dealer. If you do not believe us, you can call us now at (480) 409-0328 and request for a free quotation. Right there and then you will realize that we are indeed telling the truth.

High Quality Automotive Locksmith Service Our locksmith services are very comparable if not topping your car dealer's services. We are equipped with the appropriate tools and knowledge that assures you that you will be getting high quality and great service.

Emergency Assistance We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your locksmith emergencies. You do not need to tow your car to us because our professional locksmiths will be the one to go to your location.

Customer Testimonials

I just want to say that I am very pleased with the service of Golden Vision Locksmith. The locksmith told me that he will arrive in 30 minutes, but he reached my place 10 minutes earlier. He instantly asked about my concern to re-key a lock. I showed him where the door was. I was stunned with the tool that he used to do this. In only a few minutes, the task was done. He was very responsive as he answered all my questions proving that he is an expert in the field and passionate about his craft. I will definitely recommend him to my friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and even acquaintances and I will surely call them again if need arises.

I own a rental home in the city. My tenant left without notice and brought with him the keys to my anger. I could not open even the garage and the front doors so I could get inside and checked if my furniture was still there and if no damaged was made. I was obligated to call a locksmith technician because one week after a new family showed interest in renting. I called Golden Vision Locksmith and they sent a technician in my place. He opened the garage door, the front door, and the bedroom and restroom doors. He also replaced all the keys. I was so happy with the result because he did not damage the locks when he performed these tasks. The price was also affordable. I so love them!