At Locksmith of San Mateo, we know that being locked out of your home, car, or office requires immediate attention. We’ve been there, and there’s nothing worse! Our certified locksmiths pride themselves on their dependability, and we guarantee that they will respond within 60 minutes of your call, although most arrive much faster than that.

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  • Auto locksmith
  • Residential locksmith
  • Commercial locksmith
  • Safe installation
  • Home inspections

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  • San Mateo, Emeryville, Burlingame, Hillsborough, Foster City, Belmont

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  • American Express, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

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  City San Mateo, CA
  Zip Code 94401
  Address 204 2nd Ave #329
  Phone Number (650) 262-0340

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We provide a wide variety of locksmith services:
Emergency locksmith
Residential locksmith
Commercial locksmith
Auto locksmiths
Rekeying Locks
Installing new locks

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When I called Locksmith of San Mateo, it could have been taken right out of a movie: it was raining, at night, and I was locked out of my car. I had parked at work and had somehow lost my keys during the course of the day, but didn't realize it until I had already left. I literally turned my purse inside out, but couldn't find the keys. I looked on Yelp and called Locksmith of San Mateo, and explained my situation. I told them that I was hesitant to call a locksmith to begin with because I heard that they can scratch your car door or hurt the locks, but they explained that they were very careful and were insured against those type of damages. They arrived at my office within 15 minutes, and the locksmith was very nice and understanding. He quickly found the right tool for the job and got to work. I was back inside my car within a few minutes, and the car wasn't damaged at all.

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Customer Testimonials

After a long day of work, I came home to a lock that was jammed. I wiggled the key and tried everything imaginable, but couldn't get in. The lock wouldn't budge. I live in an old apartment building with antique locks (they look very nice, but jam up all the time), so I knew that I needed to call my landlord. He told me to call a locksmith, and that he would reimburse me for the cost. I did a quick Google search & found Locksmith of San Mateo, and they arrived 10 or so minutes after I called.

They quickly replaced the lock on my door and gave me the new key, and I was back inside! I told my landlord that he should use Locksmith of San Mateo to replace the rest of the locks in the building, since this was bound to happen to someone else sooner or later. After the reasonable price that he charged me, it was a no brainer! The other tenants in the building are glad that I called too; no more old & sticky locks! Thanks again.

After going out of town for a week, I came back to find that my home had been broken into. Fortunately, nothing valuable was taken, but the backdoor had been kicked down and there was broken glass everywhere. Needless to say, I was very shaken up. I called the police, and after walking through the house, they recommended that I change my locks. The next day, I called Locksmith of San Mateo and they showed up within 15 minutes.

I walked them through the house and they provided a lot of valuable advice, including the type of locks that are most secure, affordable, and hard to pick or break. Within an hour they had replaced all the locks in my house (front, garage, and back door) with top-of-the-line locks that he had in his truck (he didn't have to go back to his office). He confidently handed me the new keys, and I was incredibly grateful. I knew I made the right choice! I would recommend Locksmith of San Mateo to anyone on the peninsula!

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Comparing locksmiths? Check out our reviews on our site! Here's a recent review: When I called Locksmith of San Mateo, it could have been taken right out of a movie: it was raining, at night, and I was locked out of my car. I had parked at work and had
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Keep your home safe from break ins!
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Locked out of your home or car? Give us a call at (650) 262-0340!
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