Our main goal is to make our customers secure and at the same time comfortable, because we know it's precarious to let strangers walk inside your home and touch your valuables. Every time we offer our services, we always get to know who we are dealing first, to dissolve any tension and awkwardness between our locksmith and the customer. By choosing our company, you can treat us like a friend. A friend that is ready to help when you are in need.

Our locksmiths have unique attributes that makes our company one of the sought after locksmith service provider in California. First, our locksmiths are smart when it comes to any type of lockout situation or lock and key issues. Due to the extreme trainings and seminars our locksmiths have, they are fully capable of handling all sorts of locksmith services. Second, our locksmiths are friendly. They will listen to your suggestions and concerns. You will never feel like you need them, instead they will make you feel that you are included in the job. They will offer you tips and advices on how to handle the situation the next time it happens or how to avoid it. You will never regret hiring our locksmiths. Third, our locksmiths are adaptable. They can offer superb locksmith services no matter where you are. If you are in the middle of the road or outside your house, they can adapt to whatever set up you have. Their main concern is to give you the best locksmith services no matter where you are. They are also prepared to assist you even during midnights or first thing in the morning. That's what makes them one-of-a-kind, they will readily provide you with any kind of services regardless of the time

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There is a distinct difference between regular locksmith services Encinitas and those who provide commercial or business locksmith services Encinitas. For one thing, specific training is needed for commercial locksmith purposes. Burglaries are getting more sophisticated, so businesses really need reliable and trustworthy locksmiths to ensure a safe and secure environment. It is very important to address this critical need. The Locksmith Wow team will be able to protect business establishments inside and out, providing maximum security on all levels.

Locksmith Wow has a dedicated team of locksmiths that tailor-fit solutions based on the needs of the business. Their professional locksmith service Encinitas includes help in determining the type and placement of various locks and the proper installation of security systems like electronic locks, biometric sensors or keyless entry systems. Since commercial establishments are typically larger than regular homes, a business locksmith service Encinitas has the right amount of equipment and extent of resources needed to perform various functions sufficiently.

24/7 Emergency

24/7 Emergency

For people residing in the San Diego and Los Angeles area, there is a dependable locksmith services Encinitas company that people can rely on should the need arise. Losing one's car keys or door keys is a possible thing that could happen, especially for busy people. Encinitas Locksmith promises immediate response, especially when customers need emergency locksmith service Encinitas. Not only do they provide emergency locksmith services Encinitas, they also do routine checks and repairs.

Locksmith Wow handles all transactions in a professional and courteous manner. Our courteous and dependable team can be accessed throughout the entire area of Los Angeles to San Diego. When clients contact our team, they will respond promptly. Once they arrive, they will thoroughly inspect the situation before performing the needed locksmith service Encinitas. We provide excellent and trustworthy services for your automobile, home or business establishment. No problem or issue is too big for our team to handle, since most members of our staff are seasoned and trained professionals.

Customer Testimonials

When I bought my new car from my dealer, I was surprised to discover that he only gave me one set of keys. That hardly seemed prudent, as it could easily get lost or even break, since it was a keyless remote type. They told me it would cost upwards of a $300 to get an extra key made, so I decided to just ask Locksmiths Wow to do it for me. They used the key the dealer had given me and made an extra set of keys, satisfying my piece of mind. They did it quickly and within the day I asked them to do it. When it was all done, I ended up spending around half of what my dealer claimed I needed to spend.

My family recently experienced having someone break into our home and rob us of a few valuables. We were quite heartbroken as a lot of these had sentimental value. We wanted to make sure this never happened again, so we called Locksmiths Wow to see if they could improve the locks on our home. It was then that we learned that intruders and other lock pickers have a much easier time with old locks, like the decade-old locks that failed to protect our home. The expert from Locksmiths Wow changed all our locks to more recent models, and we were able to better recover from the break-in. Our only regret is not calling Locksmiths Wow up sooner, so that they could have prevented the break-in from happening in the first place.

I called Locksmiths Wow on a Saturday, hoping they could change my locks on Monday. I was even ready to call in sick to work to do it. I was surprised to find out that they had expert locksmiths available to provide their services even on weekends, so within the day, they had an expert locksmith with me, changing the locks on my door.