BiLock is an internationally acclaimed high security locking system in use by government, university, and hospital facilities who demand the very highest. It is available for the homeowner who doesn't want to compromise the security of their family. This site is designed for distribution in North America. Every BiLock cylinder and key is covered by active utility patents in North America.

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This is how casinos, hospitals universities, retail chains, and now homeowners can change their own locks in seconds. If a key is lost or stolen, change them yourself! Watch below to see how simple it is. Just insert your special control key in your lock. Turn it to 1 or 11 o'clock and pull out the core. Use the same control key to insert the new core. It takes less than a minute. Hand out the new keys and your property is secure again. There are no tools or lock disassembly required. Send the old core back to your BiLock dealer and they can pin it to another code in case you need to change them again.

Unauthorized key duplication is the single most important security consideration of any lock. It is estimated that over 40% of illegal entries result from unauthorized key duplication. If someone can get a copy of your key made locally (or online), you have lost control of your security. And worst of all, you may never know it has been done. High security lock companies do two things to stop this. They get patents on their keys so they can control who makes key blanks and they use restricted distribution so they know who has the blanks and who cut the keys.

Hardware is generally categorized into grades - 3 is residential, 2 is commercial, and 1 is heavy duty. BiLock cylinders are made to last in all heavy duty applications. We offer lock sets and deadbolts for both commercial and heavy duty use. The BiLock system is founded on 12 pin chambers and two side bars. This allows for keying for over 11,000,000 unique key combinations per keyway. In a master key system over 500,000 changes are available under a simple Grand Master system. The locks are pick and bump proof.