Locksmith La Mesa is a locksmith company offering services for all types of doors and access. This goes for both residential and commercial establishments. We have been in business for a long time now and we have hundreds of loyal customers coming to us, asking for our services. We aim to provide our people with the best security possible; therefore, we make sure that our locksmith services won't be easily broken into. We monitor the news every day, and we are aware of all the crimes that are happening in the country. It is a scary thought for people in our community to be a victim of a crime. As such, we aim to maximize your security and minimize the crime rate in our community.

Of course as a locksmith service provider, we also unlock doors, not to rob you, but to give you back the access you need. We can easily and quickly unlock all kinds of locks or door knobs by using the right tools and methods. We don't pick locks; we work our way around with them. We are here to offer convenience and peace of mind. A goodnight sleep and security we strive to achieve these in what we do.

We are at the ready, day and night, for all kinds of locksmith related services.

Contact Details

  City La Mesa, CA
  Zip Code 91942
  Address 8278 La Mesa Blvd
  Phone Number (619) 567-7060

Products & Services



Lockouts: Stuck and Jammed Doors Lockouts can be very frustrating and to make things worse, they happen on random and unpredictable times. The main reasons for a lockout might be a stuck key or maybe a lock. We have the right tools to extract whatever is stuck in the door mechanism without damaging the door knob and the door itself. Make sure to monitor if your knob, keys, and locks are outdated. This is important, outdated and rusty locks can be easily broken or picked by intruders.

Access Control We can help you gain access to your malfunctioning commercial lock or safe. We have the technology and skills to keep up with the innovation in the locksmith industry.

Key Cutting or Key Replacement A small chip or dent can make a key useless when inserted in its designated door knob. We can reshape and carve your key to fit the key hole once more but it would be advisable to make a duplicate. Also, avoid losing your keys because this might lead to grave danger. If you lose your key, it is always a relief to have a duplicate. However, we inform our customers to buy a new door knob with a new key. We can cut any types of keys for all kinds of doors, windows, safes, and even cabinets. We use an up to date laser machine with precision for this service.

Door Installment We also repair and replace outdated doors and we suggest added security features for the safety of our customers. Alarm systems, electrical locks, and door knobs. We encourage our customers to include at least two locks for full security. With this you can enjoy a good night sleep and come home with everything still in place. Locksmith service La Mesa CA is in need of more trusted companies. A healthy competition won't hurt anybody.

Car Locksmith We also open locked car doors for people stuck in the road. We can also work with transponder being familiar on performing troubleshoot methods. No need to shatter your window people.

Customer Testimonials

I accidentally dropped my purse while I was out clubbing one night, and when I got home to get my house keys, I realized that when I dropped my purse my keys fell out and they were nowhere to be found. I went back to the club but my keys weren’t there anymore. Worried and frustrated at 2:00 am, I found a locksmith company online that was open for 24 hours. I was so glad that Metal Lock And Key is open 24/7. I was very impressed with their reliable and efficient service. Since I lost the keys to both the back and front door of my house, they rekeyed the locks and provided me with new keys. In no time at all, I was inside my house, safe and secure. Thank you so much!

My girlfriend and I just moved into a new apartment and we needed to change the locks and have new keys made. We are on a tight budget, and so we called up several locksmith shops in the area to find the right one. Some locksmith services are way out of our budget, while some customer service employees that we spoke to are just way too condescending. Finally, we spoke to a representative from Metal Lock And Key. Not only is the staff courteous, she understood our dilemma and gave us a reasonable quote for the service that we wanted. We're very happy with their service. I'm very grateful to their staff that went above and beyond our expectations. Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!

I just opened a small caf in a busy part of town, and my next-door neighbor, a Laundromat, recommended that I get high-security locks and a keyless entry system. Being new to the city, I don't know any locksmith companies in the area. My neighbor the Laundromat owner recommended Metal Lock And Key, and I am so glad that I followed his advice. The first thing I noticed is their professionalism, and their modern tools. I can tell that they really invested a lot of training and equipment in this company. I am very satisfied with their service, and their skilled and knowledgeable staff even offered to have a follow-up check a week after the installation just to see if everything is working just fine. Highly recommended!