We believe in providing better locks, keys, and service our Orem locksmiths service all of Orem and the surrounding communities. All of our techs are licensed, insured, and bonded so rest assured you are in good hands. We believe in sending drug-tested, background checked, and true professionals to help with all of your locksmith needs.

Some of the most common jobs we receive are car lockouts, home unlocks, and business. On top of that, we also do a ton of auto key programming, cutting, and smart key activation and re-sync to the advanced computer system of today's modern cars. With us, you aren't going to get the whole bait n switch tactic used by other locksmith companies in Orem and the surrounding areas. We offer an upfront price even over the phone for the specific lock or key you are needing!

So if you need an Orem locksmith then you should think Mr Key Locksmith! Give us a call today!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Automotive locksmith, car lockouts, house lockouts, rekey

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • BBB accredited, highly rated on Google, Advanced certification, Licensed, insured, and bnded.

Serviced Areas

  • Orem, Provo, American Fork, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Vineyard, Salt Lake City

Payment Options

  • American Express, Cash Only, Debit Cards, Discover, Google Checkout, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Nate Olsen
  City Orem, UT
  Zip Code 84057
  Address 1463 W Center St
  Phone Number (801) 850-0133

Products & Services

With our car lockout service, we will help unlock your vehicle at your location! Call us today!

  • I would recommend this business

I was locked out on Christmas Eve from a friends apartment and called this guy again. He saved me again, and the service was as good as first time.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Hired them to program a new car key for a BMW. We called everywhere and the only other locksmith around Orem we found was a real jerk! Happy to have found Mr Key Locksmith they treated us much better!

I hired Mr Key Locksmith Orem to cut a new car key for us we were locked out of the vehicle at Smith's and they didn't charge us anything extra to unlock it! Thank you!

Great people! They unlocked my car at 10:00 pm at Target and arrived in less than 25 minutes before I could even finish my shopping!

Fast & affordable, definitely my go-to locksmith in Orem!


Residential Lock Repair - Mr Key Locksmith Utah

Repair Or Replace The Lock

For the best home service anywhere in Utah, contact Mr Key Locksmith for assistance right now.

Contact Mr KeyLocksmith for the Best House Lock Repair in Utah

There could be several reasons why your residential locks are damaged and need replacement or repair.

On the thousands of call-outs we do each year, these are the most common reasons we encounter house lock repair services.

Thieves and criminals may damage your locks, forcing their way into your home.

We Always Offer House Lock Repair Before We Replace

At Mr Key Locksmith, we do a proper inspection of your locks before we recommend repair or replacement.

Give us a call for all of your Utah County Locksmith needs!


Locksmith In Orem, Utah - Honest, Upfront Pricing, No Hidden Fees!

Locksmith in Orem, Utah
If you are considering a Orem locksmith for the first time, you need to make sure that you choose a locksmith that you trust completely and that you feel comfortable with.

For starters, you need to ask are they licensed, insured, and bonded.
Here at Mr Key Locksmith we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.
Whether you are locked out of your car, house, or business you are in SAFE hands.
Call Us: 801-850-0133
Locksmith In Orem learn more here https://bit.ly/2H049Un

Locksmith Services - Mr Key Locksmith

Locked Out, House Or Car, No Problem
Locksmith Services
Sick of rip-off locksmiths?
Tell you one price over the phone and another when they arrive?
Another common tactic is they quote you a lower price than other locksmiths in the area but dont mention a service call fee.
Dont worry!
Here at Mr. Key Locksmith we pride ourselves in being transparent and giving you an honest upfront price before we begin work.
Call Us: 801-850-0133
licensed, bonded and insured

Locked Out Of Bedroom Door No Key

Locked Out Of Bedroom Door No Key
Are you locked out of your bedroom door and have no key?
Dont worry we will go over a few tips & tricks and of course, we are only a hop, skip, and jump away if you need us.
First things first, have you misplaced your keys?
If so retracing your steps can sometimes prove to be helpful.
A guy a few weeks ago had put his keys in the freezer on accident, so when you retrace your steps you should check everywhere you went and open cupboards etc..
How Can I Unlock My Bedroom Door With No Key?
What If It Does Have A Keyhole?
Depending on the type of lock, will depend on your options.
If your bedroom door lock has a hole in the center instead of a keyhole.
Then you can simply unlock it with a toothpick, straight paperclip, tiny screwdriver, or pretty much anything that will fit in the hole.
When you push it in, it will make a click (on some locks you have to keep pushing in while turning the knob).
And you are no longer locked out of your bedroom door with no key.
Then typically we would pick the lock.
If its a really old doorknob then you might be better off having us replace the lock.
You could always drill the old lock with a metal drill bit and drill.
Then you could replace the doorknob yourself.
However, we buy large quantities of locks and get top quality doorknobs at wholesale.
So usually after paying for gas and the doorknob you could have hired us and paid the same amount.
Plus your time has to be worth something right?
What If The Bedroom Doorknob Has A Slot Not Keyhole?
Then, in this case, you just need a flathead screwdriver, key (any), or anything flat to simply put in the slot and turn.
This usually will open this type of lock and will save you the time, money, and hassle of having to call us to unlock the bedroom door for you.
Its An Exterior Lock On An Exterior Door
So if it indeed has a keyhole its an exterior lock on an interior door.
You can hacksaw the handle off and usually reach inside with pliers or other tools to unlock it but then the doorknob needs to be replaced.
Typically calling us to pick the lock or replace it is a much better idea.
No risk of damaging the door, no wasted time drilling or hacksawing the doorknob, no hassle or complications.
If You Have Lost The Keys To The Bedroom Doorknob Lock
There are things that can still be done, if the hinges are on the exterior of the door you can pop the hinges off with a flat head screwdriver and hammer then remove the door and unlock it.
You should still get a new key for the doorknob so it doesnt happen again.
While our locksmiths as well as others can take a blank key and manually file it down to fit your doorknob this method generally isnt the best.
Because you dont get a uniform key and it can jam, be hard to unlock the door, and eventually will cause you problems.
We can rekey the lock for less because its less time and work to do which means you would get a brand new key for the doorknob that is going to function much smoother and perform properly.
Looking to save time, money, and hassle?
Call us today!
We typically have same day appointments available.
Credit Card Door Trick
Sometimes you can slip a credit card in and push the door open.
However, I have seen lots of doors with marks, paint chips, and wear from doing this and most interior doors are not built to handle this.
So be warned it could cause damage to the door even if it is mostly cosmetic.
But it can work and be done without causing damage in some situations, depending on the door, frame, and doorknob.
If you cant get any of these tips & tricks about locked out of your bedroom door no key to work give us a call and we will be on our way!

Car Lockout Services - Mr Key Locksmith

If you are locked out of your car and looking for an affordable, honest, and upfront option you should call Mr Key Locksmith.

If youre dealing with a car lockout, you want to know youre hiring credible and honest people to help you.

The last thing you need is a problem on your hands when the locksmith arrives trying to charge more than quoted, break something, and not be insured.

If youre dealing with a member of the Mr Key Lockmsith team, you know youre working with an ethical, honest, and reliable locksmith technician that is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Our expert locksmiths can assess the problem, troubleshoot, and diagnose your issue without having to bring your vehicle to us.

Were experts at identifying faults with ignitions and repairing and replacing ignitions on all makes and models of vehicles.

Locked My Keys In My Trunk - 801-850-0133 - Mr Key Locksmith

Locked My Keys In My Trunk
When I accidentally locked my keys in my trunk you start to panic because you probably have places to be and its frustrating when you have lost the use of your vehicle.
This puts you at risk of being ripped off due to people preying on those who are vulnerable.
However, there are solutions and reputable locksmiths that do help without taking advantage of you.
Solutions I Locked My Keys In My Trunk
First, make sure you did indeed lock your keys in your trunk, obviously, you may have already done this but sometimes we are mistaken just double-check you didnt take them in the house with groceries or leave them on the couch.
Second, is the rest of the car locked?
If no, make sure your car isnt equipped with a trunk button because if it is you can just pop the trunk and retrieve your keys.
Third, if you have locked your keys in the trunk and the car is unlocked, some vehicles are equipped with an access panel if that is the case you can use it to retrieve your keys from the trunk.
Fourth, if the car is locked and indeed your keys are in the trunk sometimes figuring a way out into the car may be easier than trying to open the trunk.
When we are in crisis mode we sometimes dont think clearly do you have a spare key?
If no its a good idea to obtain one after you retrieve your keys from the trunk to avoid this problem in the future.

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