Mullholland Security Centers supplies everything from opening, repairing, selling & installing safes, security gates, cctv systems, secure mailboxes, to keying, locksmith, emergency services, security hardware, and more, in Los Angeles county. All our uniformed security technicians are professional, bonded and drive well equipped vans.

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  City Studio City, CA
  Zip Code 91604
  Address 12602 Ventura Boulevard
  Phone Number (800) 877-9754

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You want your home and your family to be completely safe. You deserve the best security affordable. Your family members should never have a doubt about their safety, and your property and assets all require protection. Your home security system working well probably depends more on the knowledge and competence of the technicians doing the installation than it does on the quality of the physical components. That's a very good reason to consider Mulholland. Licensed, bonded, and available 24/7, we know what it takes to provide you with professional, efficient and quality residential security services.

You can add to the physical security provided by conventional keys, locks and hardware by utilizing residential electronic and biometric access control systems. Access control is the combination of hardware and software that controls access to entry points of a secure structure or property. It can be used for commercial or residential applications. The purpose of these products is to manage, restrict or grant access of individuals to specific areas. These security solutions were first most popular in commercial applications, but have gradually become more frequently in use in residential applications due to their modern aspects and their convenience.

Ensure safety in the workplace while protecting your assets with business security cameras. Choose from standalone cameras to cover especially vulnerable areas of your business like the safe or the cash register, or capture everything that happens with multi-camera systems and covert devices that Mulholland will optimally install and teach you to operate. Weatherproof outdoor security cameras also help you manage your business, cutting down on vandalism and property damage. Inventory shrinkage and theft can occur anywhere, particularly in busy commercial or retail locations with large numbers of customers, employees, and shipping traffic.

We can set up an alarm system that is custom made for your needs, and that will completely catch any intruder off guard. As an example, we can set up motion sensors in your yard that will alert you by smart phone. These sensors can be set up in such a way that they require a certain weight in order to be activated - neighborhood dogs, as an example, will not trip them, but the larger size of a human will. The motion sensor is tripped, bright security lights flood the area, and you are alerted via your smart phone.

Mulholland Security helps large and small businesses improve the safety and security of their facilities. We design, install, and service everything from basic, single-user commercial burglar alarm systems to fully integrated systems that incorporate alarms, access control and CCTV over multiple locations. From a commercial perspective, unauthorized access is a challenge faced by business owners from virtually every industry sector. From a financial point of view, it is essential to make sure your stock and property are sufficiently secured, and from a personal point of view, you have a responsibility to protect your customers and staff too.

Our locksmith services are comprehensive and integrated. We can help your business with every aspect of your physical security, including all conventional locksmith services, as well as safes and door and window hardware. Regardless of the type of service you need Mulholland Security Centers has a technician available to get you secure. From the most common, yet aggravating situations like lost office keys, sticky locks, and doors and windows that don't want to cooperate, and safe combination resets, all the way to the most sophisticated problems relevant to modern electronic technology, Mulholland handles it all.