All of our workers are experienced with all these situations and a lot more, and they are all aware of the importance of time, and quality of work. That is way we only work with the best available tools in the market. We know that only if you work with the best people and the best tools for the job are you going to get the best possible result, and we are here to make sure that this is exactly what each and every one of our customers gets.

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  City Long Beach, CA
  Phone Number (657) 221-6888

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Services we offer:

24/7 emergency service
Re keying services
Lockout solutions
Lock installations including high security locks
Professional lock picking
Intercom systems
Gates, doors and windows lock installations
Broken key in lock solutions
Garage door lockouts
Garage door lock installations
Commercial locksmith solutions
Automotive locksmith services


Whether you're in need of small scale security detail for your in-home office or high end security for your thriving business downtown, our commercial locksmith services are there for you. For quality service at prices you can afford, call us now!


When looking for an automotive locksmith there are two things one should keep in mind. The first being a fast service since a lot of the problems tend to occur when you are either on the road or in a hurry to get going, the second being a professional and experienced service.
Our service is very reliable time ways, we are practically always there, our service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. We have a short response time and we guaranty that we are not going to leave you out there waiting.

Customer Testimonials

Calling On-Demand Locksmith before anybody else when I unfortunately got locked out of my house after having left my keys at the office was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was panicking, but these guys that came over to help me in no time at all really knew their thing. They knew what they were doing, and they were really polite and calm about the whole thing. And they even got me some spare keys for the next time something like that ever happens again. Canít remember the last time I was ever in an emergency like that, but it sure was terrifying. I was alone for the weekend, and my wife took the spare keys that we usually kept under the doormat with her. I was thinking of going back to my office, but it was a long way away. I then remembered that some friend of mine told me about a similar situation before, and they had called up On-Demand Locksmith and had really nice things to say about them. I can definitely say the same, and Iím surely recommending them to my friends. Theyíre really affordable too, and they gave me a whole range of options from their services to choose from.

Aside from that, though, they even offered to survey all the locks in my house and figured out which needed replacing and which would get easily picked, and replaced them all the following day. These guys not only know a whole lot about locksmithing, theyíre knowledgeable with security too, especially since I live in a neighborhood where some history of theft and robbery has happened before. So now Iím not only absolutely sure that my garage door is securely locked from now on, but I also have someone to call when the same problem arises. They also managed to fix this problem Iíve been having with my back door lock, so now I donít have anything to worry about at all. They use high-quality locks and offer professional service at a really affordable price, and Iím really pleased and impressed.