Finding yourself in a key emergency whether at home, in a parking garage, or at your business is a trying situation. We understand just how embarrassing as well as frustrating it can be to lose your keys or have a key break in a lock. If you have lost your keys, we also realize you will more than likely desire a complete new lock and key to ensure that your car, business, or home keys do not find their way to criminal hands.

We are professional locksmith with years of proven success in our field that offers on site help 24 hours per day seven days per day including holidays. We do not just come to your location and then run back to the shop to get the tools needed but our technicians carry all the necessary tools on our trucks to solve any locksmith problem.

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Pro Locksmith Bowie


Pro Locksmith Bowie provides Automotive, Residential, Commercial Locksmith services such as replacement keys, lock picking, key cutting in the Bowie area.

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Bowie is growing fast and has been for years; due to this, new businesses are opening up all the time. The problem is that when cities grow so does the concern for security. At Pro Locksmith Bowie, we understand the importance of protecting your business while you are away along with your files and other products are hidden away in safes and file cabinets. Due to this, we stay on top of the latest and most up to date security systems in the industry to provide the very best for our customers in the Bowie area.

If you have ever found yourself locked out of your home or apartment, you know that this is an embarrassing as well as exasperating. You may have left your keys at work, lost them in the parking lot, or even one of your children may have been playing with them inside the house and you did not know it. No matter the reason, you want in your home now! We receive several calls each week from customers that cannot get into their home due to lost keys or even keys that have broken in the lock. This is not a great situation to be in, however, at Pro Locksmith Bowie, we understand and will head your way as soon as you call.

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There are many different reasons to turn to a professional automotive locksmith. You may need a set of duplicate keys for your Dodge, you may have lost your VW trunk keys, or your transponder key is not working. No matter the reason, we at Pro Locksmith Bowie are here to help you. We take pride in providing on the spot help. We never send a tow truck and then add a huge towing bill to your quote. We send our expert auto locksmith technicians directly to your location. As a matter of a fact, we have a professional team of auto locksmith technicians that provide all locksmith services at affordable costs on the spot.

Pro Locksmith Bowie is a fast garage door service in the Bowie, MD area. The complete garage door repair, replace and installment service is provided by us. Our commercial garage door specialists can handle the all residential, commercial and general garage door problem. We have a variety garage door products and parts to meet your security with high functionality. You may even choose raised panel if your commercial property requires of any other traditional look. Our garage door service team will solve your sectional door opening, maximize the commercial elevator of the track.