If our years of experience working in this industry has taught us anything, it is that problems involving your lock and key and arrive at any moment. You could be with your family at home for Christmas dinner when the locks of your house suddenly decide to fail on you. You could also be a night shift worker, and you might need to contact a locksmith Oceanside when you get home. These circumstances are what we had in mind when we decided to offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. You might not realize it, but a lot of the time, problems that can be solved by a locksmith are usually ignored until they suddenly force you to take notice of them. However, when the problem comes, it is often too late.

That is why we are at your beck and call. Whatever your needs may be, just give us a call, and we will give you a quote free of charge. Did we mention that calls during inconvenient hours get no extra charge? You pay the same amount whether you availed of our services during regular office hours or when you think it might be inconvenient. This is our commitment to you. We at Red Lock And Key want to make sure that your experience with our service is stellar, so you can be sure that we will make it as convenient as possible.

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  City Oceanside, CA
  Phone Number (760) 706-0078

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Residential locksmith services are popular among private and local residences. Our company offers lock and key upgrade to make it hard to gain entry in your house. We also provide key duplication, replacement, and repair. Garage door installations and alarm systems are also well-known among residential owners. If you are a safety-conscious homeowner who is always bugged by worries about your home's safety, it's time to call for an exceptional home protection services. You will have no disturbances and possible break-ins anymore because our professional home security system is ideal to keep burglars at bay.


Automotive Keys Cutting
Locked Key In Car
Ignition Switch Replacement
Car Key Extraction
Laser Cut Keys
Trasponder Key Programming
Car Key Replacement
Automotive Rekeying
Emergency Lockout
Car Trunk Keys / Locks
Mobile Locksmith
Key Duplication
Jammed Ignition


Our commercial locksmith services are sought after by all kinds of business proprietors and owners. Since their main concern is to achieve a tight and effective security system for their building, we give it to them using our latest tools and gadgets. When it comes to big companies, a complex security system is ideal since they are the target of most criminals and thieves. High-quality deadbolts and state-of-the-art security and alarm systems are installed. For small business owners, a simple yet much protected lock schemes are advisable. We can also install CCTV cameras around your business establishment for any danger that might be lurking around the building.

Customer Testimonials

I run a boutique advertising agency, and we deal with a lot of sensitive client materials that cannot and should not fall into the hands of our competitors. Since I have recently been suspecting one of my employees of being a leak, I decided I needed to find a way to keep his activities around sensitive material to a minimum until I can gather enough evidence to fire him. I decided to install fingerprint locks in my office to keep him out of certain rooms. I would like to thank Red Lock And Key for installing the system in my office and for being very professional. The expert locksmith only took a few hours to install everything, meaning it did not disrupt our work day too much.

When I last picked my car up from the mechanic, I noticed that there were some shady people working there, and I had no idea if they had made copies of my key. What scared me the most was that they knew where I lived, so it would be too easy for them to steal my car. I realized I had to change the locks and ignition on my car before it was too late, so I called Red Lock And Key. They got to my house within a few minutes. The expert locksmith assigned to me was very professional, and it only took him about an hour to do everything. In the end, I was more than happy with the service I received, and you can count on me recommending them to my friends and family.