When you call us and you instantly ask for a brand new lock and knob, which perhaps are not what you need, then don't expect us to just give them to you. We will get to the bottom of your locksmith concerns, and give you the best options. We will not take advantage of you. Our company values integrity and professionalism.

The professional local locksmiths in our company know exactly what they are doing and will not hesitate to involve you in the process. They will explain to you the problem and what needs to be done. We provide you with the best options and will give you an itemized receipt, detailing what you are charged for.

Upon arrival, your local locksmith will show you their identification. There are only 15 states that require locksmith licensing, and these are: California, Connecticut, Alabama, North Carolina, Maryland, Nebraska, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Virginia, Tennessee, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas. It is a crime in these states to advertise and work as a locksmith without proper credentials.

Expect that your local locksmith in Del Mar will also ask for your identification, to make sure that they are unlocking a home or car that surely belongs to you.

Make sure that you exercise caution when a locksmith shows up in an unmarked vehicle and is advertising a business that's different from that of the company you called.

We are the professional locksmiths whom you can trust. Since we are local, it will not be difficult for you to check our credentials as well as our location. Why don't you give us a call today? You can trust us with your locksmith concerns. We will also give you a free cost estimate.

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  City Del Mar, CA
  Zip Code 92014
  Address 2626 Del Mar Heights Rd
  Phone Number (858) 252-2033

Products & Services



We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in providing automotive locksmith services Del Mar CA. Our top-of-the-line locksmith repair equipment is designed to unlock your car without any damage. Our professional locksmiths are equipped with the knowledge and skills in technology advancements, given that they have undergone extensive trainings.
Our company can handle all of your automotive locksmith needs. We will respond to you quickly and deliver the best solutions at a fair and affordable price.



Our company for commercial locksmith service Del Mar will help you in installing and servicing alarms, intercoms, master key systems, electronic access control devices, security control systems, keyless entries, exit devices, cameras, and video control systems.
Silver Fox Locksmith understands the importance of addressing business concerns as quickly as possible and for this, we have mobile locksmith Del Mar service professionals whom you can call anytime, round the clock. They will quickly respond to you and will resolve your concerns, efficiently making sure to limit your business losses and to keep your business valuables safe.



Our company for residential locksmith service Del Mar can work with modern high security locks, electronic locks, decorative locks, keyless locks, padlocks, and even mailbox locks.
Our company also provides a whole package of 24-hour emergency locksmith services in low prices. They are the best and most affordable locksmith services Del Mar CA and in nearby areas.
We will ease your worries by keeping your families safe at night. You can always count on us to provide solutions for residential locksmith services Del Mar problems 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Call us today. We will help keep you, your family, and your properties safe.

Customer Testimonials

Last week, before leaving for a vacation over the weekend, I noticed that my front door's combination lock was a bit faulty as it is not locking my door properly. Of course, I can't leave that faulty lock over the weekend or else I might not have anything left in my house when I get back. It is always better to prevent a bad thing to happen than to have remedies afterwards and regret that you should have prevented it when you still can. So, I quickly called Silver Fox Locksmith to ask for their help. The person who answered my call was very accommodating and addressed my problem accordingly. Just minutes after my call to them, a locksmith already came and repaired my faulty door lock fast! Many thanks, Silver Fox Locksmith!

It was one midnight last week when I got up to drink water, and I heard noises from the window. I was really frightened, but I had to check it and found out that it was the air that continuously slamming the window as its lock was already broken. Obviously, I can't leave window with its lock broken not only because I got irritated of its noise but also because my house's security was at risk. So, I called Silver Fox Locksmith, and they responded quickly. I was surprised because even though it was midnight, they were still able to deliver their job well. They fixed my annoying window's broken lock and charged me lesser than I expected. Thank you, Silver Fox Locksmith!