Emergency situations happen all the time and are part of everyday life. Losing or misplacing your car keys or leaving them in your car's ignition while accidentally locking yourself outside can be considered emergency situations that would need urgent solutions. If you live in or are just a transient in the area and you suddenly find yourself needing a car locksmith San Antonio, you can depend on Speed Keys 4 Cars to be at your service instantly. We have dependable staff ready to respond to your call for assistance anytime.

We got you covered all day or night should you need to get someone from a dependable car locksmith to help you in your car lock problem. No matter where you are in the city, we will be there for you. So, no need to worry that you're going to miss an appointment or that you are unable to get your hands into those important things or documents sitting in your car while precious time is ticking away. Surely, in a matter of time, we will be on top of your situation.

You can easily reach us through any means. You can walk into our office and we will attend to you immediately. Give us a call or send us an SMS and we will promptly advise you how soon we can reach you and your car. Most importantly, we give assurance that what we can provide you is service at its best.

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Car Locksmith Service

Car Locksmith Service

Need a car key replacement? There are unavoidable things that can happen to you like losing your car keys. You may be so busy in the office that you just placed them on your table, and by the time you need to go home, you can no longer seem to find them. This can be a real problem. For this, Automotive Locksmith San Antonio is all you need! We have expert crews and staff to provide you with your car key replacement requirements. Name whatever brand of car you have, and we can make the keys for you! We offer the best car locksmith service San Antonio.

All you need to do is call us, and we will come to your aid. Speed Keys 4 Cars will give you the best customer service at a very affordable price. Our company for auto locksmith service will ensure your satisfaction. Just provide our crew with the model, year, and make of your car, and even without the original key, our car locksmith service experts will take care of the problem for you. The prices vary, depending on the type of car key replacement service you will be needing. but our company assures you that you can still afford our excellent car key replacement services. We can always go to your place or wherever you are parked, and right then and there, we can provide you with a replacement for your keys. In an hour or two, you can be driving your car again.

Customer Testimonials

I lost my husband's keys to his Peugeot 207. He had to spend the entire weekend dealing with the garage where we purchased his car. The spare remote key doesn't work for us, so you can imagine how frustrating it is. The garage offered to cut us a new key for $176, and we thought that was pretty steep, but we were prepared to pay for it. Our problem was that they also wanted to get the car for at least a week or so. It was impossible. Fortunately, a friend recommended Speed Keys 4 Cars who had a technician come over to check out the car door in just under an hour! They cut us a new manual key, so we were able to get into the car immediately. He also ordered us a new remote key which he delivered within a couple of days.

Someone broke into our car and completely wrecked the vehicle lock. It happened while we were sleeping, and the car was parked outside. The burglar ran off before we could get to the car. The alarm practically woke up the entire neighborhood. This was extremely alarming and scary. We needed to get the door fixed immediately. We called Speed Keys 4 Cars the following day to repair the car door. They sent Sam who was very helpful. He discussed to us about our car's security. He was very courteous and professional, and he didn't mind that we were still quite flustered from the burglary and had lots of questions for him. We were very satisfied with his work. It was unbelievably good. The technician really knew what he was doing. I would definitely recommend the company to anyone in need of car locksmith. Thank you very much.