Any entrepreneur can say that it is not easy to start a business and more so to maintain its existence. But because of the hard work, competence, reliability, and best prices of Locksmith Scottsdale AZ, we were able to start good and we are able to still exist with stability and excellent reputation. Our outstanding locksmith services new lock setup; broken or damaged key extraction, lock repair and replacement, car and home lockout, ignition repair, security system installation, and many others are able to provide solutions to the locksmith concerns of homes and businesses in Scottsdale.

We assist homeowners secure their properties and family members by ensuring that their locks and keys are in good working conditions. If lock and key replacement is necessary because of recent move-in, we not only work on the replacement itself, but we also offer recommendations on the use of high security locks or lock products that are highly reliable. Our expertise allows us to be successful in all these. The same thing goes for commercial establishments. We help them make their premises (specifically the areas where they keep highly confidential data and valuable items) protected from intruders from the outside and from within their organizations.

Locksmith in Scottsdale facilitates the setup of security systems that will control the entry of people and will allow them to monitor the identification of employees going in and out of different sections of the building. For car owners, we attend to their problems with car lockout, broken or damaged ignition, car door not opening or not locking, and many others. Our emergency locksmith services give us the opportunity to attend to their urgent need for locksmith help.

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  City Scottsdale, AZ
  Phone Number (480) 447-3747

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When you find yourself unable to move because the burglar just stole your gadgets, cash, and jewelry or when you discover that a great percentage of the products stored in your warehouse are missing, you can be sure that security is now your issue. You will need the assistance of a professional locksmith that can offer you the correct and exceptional service like us. Residential and commercial businesses in Scottsdale can benefit a lot from the locksmith services of Locksmith Scottsdale as all of these can offer high level of security for their properties.

We perform lock installation for new homes and businesses. We can repair locks and suggest replacements, whenever appropriate. We open doors, windows, safes, and cabinet locks. We also install high security locks, such as magnetic locks and electric strike door locks. For businesses, we specifically recommend the improvement of security system, particular those that are heavily challenged by security issues. We specifically setup keyless entry system, access control system, telephone and keypad entry systems, and many more.

Our Scottsdale locksmith services also cover vehicle owners that encounter problems, such as car lockout, broken ignition and car key, unlocking car door locks, and a lot more. Call our number (480) 447-3747 and our customer staff is ready to hear from you. Do not hesitate to tell us anything that worries you about your security. Expect our expert locksmith technician to be there quick and to provide you with a solution that is outstanding and affordable.

Customer Testimonials

I am tired of running home each time the kids call and tell me they have arrived earlier than I am. Because I am the only one with the key, I always hurry up to open the front door. So I called Zen Lock And Key and requested for a spare key. At first I was hesitant because I might stumble upon a scammer who would copy our key and try to break-in when no one’s at home. But when I got to talk to them, I felt assured that they are a legit and professional locksmith company so I hired them to make a duplicate key. I am very thankful because now, I can finish my work in the office without worrying about the kids.

The moment that I saw the Zen Lock And Key website, I already felt positive about them. It was professionally designed and the content is helpful. When I called their number, an employee answered me immediately. I made a lot of inquiries, but she was very patient. I did not feel any sign of annoyance in her tone. When I asked her if she can give me an estimate for the cost of car door lock repair, she agreed instantly. After a few minutes, it was already in my email. Talk about prompt customer service, right? I am very pleased thus I hired them. When they repaired the car door lock, they did not leave any damage or scratch in my car and I was so happy.

Zen Lock And Key is prompt; they told me that they will arrive in 30 minutes or less and they did. They did not waste my time waiting. This is unlike other locksmith companies that took long hours before they arrive in my friends places. The service estimate was accurate as well and I was so pleased to have trusted them. They delivered the service with excellence, with care, and with smile. I did not feel intimidated with their locksmith technicians because they are easy to talk to. They also entertained my questions and answered them clearly. Now, I do not have to worry about the security of office because of the access control system that they installed in our main door. I will call them again.