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Tara shows up on time and goes right to work. Trustworthy, friendly, professional.

I locked myself out of my house on a Sunday morning and Bluebird Locksmith was able to accommodate me quickly!

Asked Ziv to replace my ignition and was convinced that i didnt need a new ignition i he can get the part that i need Well i did need an ignition and this two day process going on three days because my car wont lock my bell keeps dinging even when my key is out I think this man is only good

We saw the ad, A young man came out did 2 lock changes & 3 re-key... HE CHARGED $1000.00 IM NOT KIDDING!!! We didnt have the money for that price, he didnt tell us price until he did it. He came back 3 days later when no one was there and change back the old lock... and stole a 10 year

Locked my keys in the house, it happens. Called and they said it would be a $15 service call, and arrived in about 30 minutes. My deadbolt was not locked, no lock picking was necessary, a key WAS NOT made. They inserted an air blabber between the frame and the door 60 seconds later the tech

Well - my dog locked me out of my car... LOL! Big Lick Locksmith in Roanoke came out and got the keys out of the car - As bad as the situation was they were very helpful and made me laugh - This guy is a sweet guy - Call him if you need lock help!

Professional and reliable. . . clearly experienced and knowledgeable

Professional, reliable, and efficient. It was a pleasure to deal with this company

I locked my keys in my car and this service was there for me. It only took 30 minutes for them to get a technician out to help me and he was very efficient, courteous, and professional. I highly recommend their service to anyone else stuck in the same position.

I was greatly assured that a locksmith would be able to come out to my condo to change my locks from a locksmith we had contacted earlier when we searched google and that was not the case. We waited two hours and then finally decided to try 24/7 Speedy Locksmith Chicago. We were pleased with

Locked my keys in car while in Roanoke on business this guy came out at 1 AM out of BED and helped me! Thank you..

Trust me, we literally just got burned. My wife set up the appointment and clearly relayed what we needed done. We used this company because they were the lowest price quoted. Not only did they double the estimate, but the person who changed out the locks left a mess (pics to prove it).

Needed someone to open my car, keys were inside. Called and talked to Wylie. They arrived within 30 minutes. Very nice and fast work. Scott and Wylie were very professional and friendly.

I needed a locksmith for an emergency car lockout service. 24/7 Speedy Locksmith Chicago was there in 15 minutes and had all the right tools to get the job done quick! Highly recommend them because they were very professional and courteous and knew what to do right away! I'm gonna keep an eye

There are so many locksmiths to choose from now in Atlanta. I am glad I made the right choice by going with Lock to Lock. When you call you get a live person instead of a bunch of options to choose from. The woman who answered the phone was very friendly and didn't mind listening to my "life

Last Saturday coming back from the office, I lost my door keys and had no idea whatsoever. I searched on the internet and found your service.. You really owe a Thanks from me for your quick response and good service. Hope never I lose my keys again but if I ever do surely will try you again,

Hands down the most responsive, skilled, and friendly guy you could expect to work with. If he can't do it immediately, he'll give you an exact time and never fails to do the job perfectly. I've used him over 20 times as a property manager and will continue to do so! A+++ Thanks !

Ignore the one positive review for this company, it's clearly planted here by them. This man is a complete scam artist. All you need to do is look up "24 Hour Locksmith Services" on Yelp to find out this guy is bad news.

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Chicago Locksmiths gave us several options to fix our lock problem and save us money. After they quickly replaced our lock, was kind enough to take a look at another lock that was giving me a problem. I would highly recommend Richard and Chicago Locksmiths

On Saturday evening, My ignition jammed and the key couldn't turn. I needed help right away and called a locksmith service and your company was given the job. I cannot but say complementary words about your employee Oren. He was very professional, very quick, very responsive and very fast

Took him about 20 seconds to open my door, then he cleaned the side window. No damage to my car and the price wasn't bad. I called some others and the price was much higher.

I had a break in at my office where they picked the lock. Thank goodness they could not get into the safe and only took a few items that could be easily replaced. I called Eagle Locksmith Service and asked about an estimate to upgrade my locking system. The technician came and helped me decide

Terrible service I ordered a series of high security locks with an estimate of delivery in one week. Ten weeks later, no locks. Phone calls not returned. Staff always friendly, but the bottom line is unfulfilled promises.

When the locksmith was 45 mins late, I called to find out what was going on and was put on hold for over 3 mins then called back and asked for a supervisor and was told there was no supervisor and was put on hold for over 6 mins.

I lost my Honda car keys the other day and needed a new ignition key replacement. Auto Locksmith were able to service my car within hours of my initial call. Very personable and affordable. Would not hesitate to use Auto Locksmith again if any lock / key issue comes up.

Called for an emergency service, they showed up within 30 minutes, and out within 15 minutes and solved the problem. Less expensive then I was prepared for, very professional and took time to explain EVERYTHING! I'll be using them again!

Very expensive - not friendly! I just called to schedule a service on my front door lock and they wanted to charge me $110 just to come over and see, though this was not an emergency. In addition, the person I talked to on the phone was really not friendly nor accommodating. Their competition

I was locked out of my car and called Bluebird. The company's answering service was very efficient and got a locksmith to us very fast. Dave got us in our car in minutes and the price was better than expected. Thanks Dave!

Reasonable, reliable!

James arrived on time, and he took about 45 mins to complete the job. He did excellent work and was very polite. I feel his price was very reasonable and would use his services again in the future.

We own a tractor trailer and out kingpin lock need to be removed cause the lock quit working and we were told we were on our own. Should think about the advertising 365 days a year and 7 days a week cause thats not even true.

They were here in 15 mins got it done quick. I will use you again.

I was stuck outside of my car because its door won't open and I badly needed help to resolve this issue. Locksmith Chicago 24/7 came to the rescue and help with the issue. They opened the door easily without causing any damage on my car. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and people

Both locks on my truck topper were corroded and needed to be replaced. Auto Locksmith immediately found time in their schedule and worked the locks off and replaced them with new ones. Very quality and personable relationship with the customer. Do not go anywhere else if you live in Oakland.

I called them in middle of the night! Thank you, they are the best locksmiths.

They came with in 10 min. did a great job!

For all your locksmith needs i recommend resc-u locksmith! Fair price, fast response, 24 hours on call, friendly & honest. Thank you.

This business is unprofessional. I was quoted a price by a representative who told me the price to unlock my car would be no more than $50. The representative was unprofessional, hung up the phone on me, and I called back following up to speak to her. I was charged $140 for a service that

I would like to thank abc lock key for their great service. I lost my FOB keys and had a trouble finding the right locksmith to make me another FOB key. Called This company and they made me another FOB keys for $100.00 cheaper than the dealership. Great service and would use you again.

They charged us $150 to unlock our car that we paid $65 a year ago to do the exact same thing. Do Not Use Them. They do not speak english and they over charge!

Very fast and professional service, surprisingly reasonable prices.

Thank you for service.

I just called I am disable and he was rude and I can't understand what he said. He rang up the phone on me. Don't use them.

I would like to thank this locksmith company for taking such a good care of the locks in my business. Thank you so much.

Guys you are the best. Keep on the good work.

I call them in middle of the night and they came in 15 min. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

My company has worked with First Florida Lock for 12+ years. We have always had very timely service, guaranteed satisfaction, and extremely professional service. In the past we've been known to throw a few curve balls their way and no problem has gone unsolved. They have preformed everything

HORRIBLE!! I was locked out of my apartment at 10pm on Friday. I called and a guy with a really thick accent answered with kids screaming in the background and he told me they wouldn't come out without my credit card number. I told him I wasn't comfortable giving that out over the phone, so

Michael did not properly install our push bar lock. Could not fix it on second call. We had to call another locksmith to clean up his mess. Very costly repair. About twice of what we should have paid.

I'm back in my car on my vacation. We stoped in Greeley to let the kids use the restroom. We all got out left the keys in the car. Glen got here and helped us out. Thank You!