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Call the expert locksmith office at 2am, after 35 min. the technician came and help me get in to my apt. ok prices, very good service.

Not many local businesses left in the area. Always does a good job.

Bob did a great job, was friendly and of good humor! A good price on changing out the locks on my new home.

Family owned and local, the people there are always very helpful and polite and they have a number of things you might need that you won't find anywhere.

Oustanding service.The ignition key in my Plymouth 2000 minivan would not turn the car on. I called a couple of places and Advanced had the parts to.

Fast service with a smile, ontime good price

Wonderful people. Very professional. I called many locksmiths before I found this one. I would highly recommend this company. Friendly, dependable, prompt and reliable service.

I just moved down the street from this small, neighborhood hardware store and needed to make some extra copies of my keys. In the middle of the day during.

I went to this store to make a copy of my apartment. I was surprised when the person told me who my landlord is and how nice they are. what a surprise to.

Bill and his people gave me prompt service. It was thorough, everything was fixed correctly, and Bill, himself explained to me, what he did! The price was right. Bill is a great guy, an all American kind of guy, who is very generous. There is no other like, Bill! He really cares. I've been

I locked myself out of my house. I called a few places, and they were the cheapest, and they were able to send someone right out. His name was Sean, he was very polite and professional, and he got me in my house in no time. If i have any more lock problems, i will definately call them again.

This business is located inside the Woburn Mall, adjacent to my favorite place - DSW!The staff is very friendly here, and they're quick.Getting 2 sets of.

Imagine my disappointment when my wife and I returned home late on a cold, snow Saturday evening to find out that neither of us had remembered to bring the.

Jim, the owner took my call this morning. I told him that I needed my locks rekeyed. He asked me when I wanted him to come over. I said ASAP. He came over.

Quick and friendly key cutting service. Close and convienent location for the Belmont and Watertown folks who don't want to make yet another trip to local.

I've used Action Lock three times at work and once at home for different locksmithing services. Have each time had prompt service that got it right the.

Great service and prices. I would definitely reccommend this locksmith.

I contacted several locksmiths to get an estimate for installing deadbolts and hardware at my house and Lock-out Locksmith was by far the most helpful. They explained the process to me and told me I could have all the locks re-keyed to one key. The estimate they gave me was exactly what they

Local family service, quality of work was great but seemed on the expensive side. I should preface that with the fact that I hadn't ever used a locksmith.

These guys are professional locksmiths and have been in business for over 20 years. They have saved me a bundle and I have recommeded them to friends and they are always promt and do excellent work.

My favourite place to go when tenants leave. I cannot tell you how many lock and hardware changes I've made through them. Never a problem and they are.

These people have impressive customer services skills, and their technicians always showed up on-time.

OK, so the guy who helped me is old enough to be John McCain's dad and he moved at the speed that you'd expect from someone of Methuselah's age (slooooow),.

Half of my key broke off inside my kryptonite (bike) lock. This guy (seemed like the owner, didn't catch his name) fiddled with it 'til it was out, made a.

Henry's Towing has been called for me a number of times by AAA for various car woes (flat tires, towing, etc), and I have always had a good experience with.

I had my locks changed by expert locksmith and they did a really good job making the locks work smoothly, the job was also done very quickly. I recommend this company to anyone who wants a job well done! :) :) :)

I was very happy with the service I received. I scheduled an appointment to fix a broken front-door lock. I was told that the repair man will be at my house between the hours of 2 and 3pm. I took the afternoon off to make sure I'm available when he arrives, and don't you know he was there before

I returned from vacation to find that the lock on my door had been broken. Someone had tried to get in and thank goodness they were unsuccessful, but I couldn't get my door to open. I called Right on Time Locksmith and they were at my front door in twenty minutes! They changed my locks and

I was downtown with my girlfriend.and like a dumbss I locked my keys in the truck when we got out. At the end of the night when we were ready to leave I realized I didn't have the keys. I called Boston Locksmith and they sent a tech out fast. He showed up in 15 minutes! After about 3 more minutes,

Got locked out my home a short while ago - some how found these guys - and i have to say they are the real deal. professional and nice.

Got locked out of my apt on the day after XMas, with my landlord out of the state and no one to turn to. Eli was prompt and friendly, and I was back in my.

This locksmith gave me very personal service, arrived quickly and finished quickly. The locksmith was very professional and very kind. I felt very lucky to have chosen such a great company. I recommend this locksmith to all the folks in Boston; they are honest and aim to please.

And so after two months, I must reset my number of days I remembered my keys count. Normally, I have a roommate to call, but when they're all away and.

Came out immesiately to change a lock and didn't charge outrageous fees.

If it only takes 1.16 minutes to make a copy of a key, how come Lowe's, et al, always tell me to come back in an hour? Does Broadway Lock have a.